Graphite and ink.

I can’t live without them. I need the feel of a pencil or pen in my hand and to hear the scratch of it upon paper. It’s a major part of who I am.

Most of my writing falls into one of two categories:


Poetry for me is much like journaling is for others. It’s an outlet for me to understand myself and the world around me. It’s also the form that got me into writing. While I’ve had more than a dozen poems published over the years, these days I tend to share my poetry on social media rather than seek publication for them.


Given that I love to read all forms of fantasy, it shouldn’t be any surprise that I enjoy writing it as well. Though it wasn’t by design; almost all my stories tend to be high fantasy, science fantasy or urban fantasy. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few short stories published over the years. Despite that, novel length stories are what I enjoy writing the most.

I’m currently working on a novel length high fantasy.