Sandy Toes and How Life Goes

My fingers are pruned. My hair is sticky with salt water, and there’s sand between my toes. Who could ask for a better way to end the week?

This weekend the family and I are visiting Tybee Island. It’s a much-needed mini-vacation, especially after the last few weeks.

Work and Writing

My day job has been getting busier as of late, requiring more days where I’m actually in the office. With being busier, I’m not always able to get my lunchtime writing session. Truth be told, I’ve not been able to get that in the last two weeks. And that lunchtime writing session? Yeah, that’s where I get most of my writing done during the day.

After a busy day at work, a long commute home and needing to spend time with family, I’ve had a very slim window in which to get things done lately. The progress report? Oh, you would ask for that.

My Progress

I’ve taken the outlines for all three novels and identified the major plot points for the new story. I’m still struggling how to handle the character arcs and subplots when I had it planned out over several books. I’m also still working out what I want to happen between the major plot points. There’s a lot of material to condense!

On top of that, I’ve started typing up the poetry that I’ve written over the last three months in my poetry notebook. I’m sure it’ll take me a while, but it’s a nice break from outlining when I need it.

It’s a slow go, but that’s normal for me. On average, it takes me a month to get an outline where I want it. This week on Twitter, I saw a quote that applies perfectly:

“Writing is slow but quitting won’t speed it up.”

Truer words never have never been said. I just have to remember to go at my own pace and not to compare myself others. My journey is not their journey.

Social Media

Speaking of Twitter! I’m on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter to connect with others and have real conversations, especially with other writers.

But as of late, I’m feeling more like a target than a connection. The number of people who use automatic direct messages just floors me. Not only are they impersonal, but they also have a tendency to request that we follow them on other social media platforms, buy their book or sign up for their mailing list. Or a combination of all three. No. Just, no!

If folks don’t have time to interact with their followers without auto direct messages, why are they there? They clearly aren’t there to network. They’re there to sell. It’s a pity. Going forward, I’m taking a hardline stance against folks who do that. If you auto direct message, I’m going to auto-unfollow/friend. Simple as that.

I’m not a target, and I’m not just a number in a numbers game. And what is with all the robot accounts lately?


Amidst all the craziness of the last week, would you believe that managed to read TWO books? Yeah, me either. But I did!

I read Etiquette and Espionage and Curtsies and Conspiracies by Gail Carriger. I seriously love her writing voice. If you haven’t read them, get on it already.

Anything you'd like to add?

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