Returning to My Roots

Time feels linear, but life has a habit of being circular for some odd reason. This week I returned to my roots and visited family in Eastern North Carolina.

It’s a place of cornfields and tobacco barns as far as the eyes can see. There’s something about that gray sandy soil that will always be home to me. I don’t get to come back very often, but it’s always good to visit now and then.

Topsail Beach

Being so close the coast, we took the opportunity to visit Topsail Beach while we were there. It was amazing to see the full moon and its reflection over the crashing waves. When combined with the roar of the ocean and a strong salty sea wind, it was breathtaking.

What Works

I looked at several different notebooks, but I kept going back to the Moleskines because I trust them to survive anything I throw at them. The large notebook felt too restricting for my prose, so I ended up grabbing an extra large hardcover. Believe it or not, that fixed my cramped feeling!

My Sharpie pens weren’t doing it for me. Nor were my trusty Dr. Grip pens. I played around with several options but landed on going back to a pencil this go round. I did some research and chose to pick up the Uni Kuru Toga pencil.

I’m in love! It automatically feeds the lead for me and keeps the point sharp, no matter how much I use it. It has a great feel in hand. The weirdest part? My handwriting is legible! How did that happen? I mean, it’s cool but very strange.


It’s been a busy week between work and travel, but I’ve managed to get about two pages written on my story. I’m not thrilled with that progress but forward is still forward, as I told others this week. I’d like to be at least doing a page a day, if not two.

2 thoughts on “Returning to My Roots

  1. It’s good to know there are others out there being picky about their pens and pencils! 😀 Ever since my beloved fountain pen broke a couple of months ago – I had it for about 15 years – I’m trying to find a decent replacement. No luck so far 😀

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