Is That Fireworks?

Gunpowder is in the air, and my hands are sticky with S’mores. Life is good.

July 4th

Is it just me or were there more fireworks this year? All week long there’s been fireworks going off in my neighborhood, especially on the 4th. It was so many that we thought we were getting shelled!

My son with was my parents for the 4th this year. That meant the wife and I got to have a nice day out and see the fireworks at night. They had some really good fireworks this year and lasted longer than normal. We were impressed!

One of the funniest things I heard this year was someone referring to Independence Day as Brexit 1776. Weird, no?

How was your 4th?

The Mummy

This movie wasn’t on my big list of movies to see, but my wife and I decided to give it a try. Believe it or not, it wasn’t that bad. This movie is the first of the Universal Studio’s new Dark Universe series where they are trying to revive all the old monster films of years past.

With that in mind, you might expect it to be scary but it’s NOT. It’s freaking funny. I’m not sure that was what they were going for.

LEGO Wish List

I think LEGO is trying to make me go bankrupt. They keep releasing sets that I want! Here are the top four sets on my list at the moment. That first one, is a MUST HAVE. Mark my words, it SHALL be mine!

Do you build LEGO bricks? What’s on your LEGO wish list?

Letters From Camp

Camp NaNoWriMo has been going really well. There’s been s’mores, alcoholic gummy bears and lots of great conversation. There’s been writing too! It probably helps that it started with a four day weekend.

This week I ended up writing twenty pages. Twenty pages! That blows my previous weeks out of the water. My goal for camp was to write one page a day, aka thirty-one pages. If I have another week like this one, I’ll finish Camp NaNoWriMo in another week. That’s crazy!

If you’re doing Camp NaNoWriMo, how’s your camp experience going?

2 thoughts on “Is That Fireworks?

  1. Brexit 1776? Haha! Well, you renegade lot managed the whole breaking away malarkey with a lot more flair, panache & finality than we seem to be achieving so far! 🙂
    re LEGO – no, I don’t build anything in it. I fall over it instead! I’m a mum with 2 sons – they’ve been collecting Lego for almost 20 yrs! Eldest has moved out, but hasn’t enough room to take his models with him! Ahhhhh! I’ll still be falling over this stuff when I’m 90!

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