Finally Upgraded

My Surface 3 has been dropping hints that it was on its way out for the last little bit now. It’s well beyond its warranty at this point.

The screen has multiple defects, the increased yellowing around the edges that’s been seen in the whole Surface line as well as large swaths of stuck pixels.

The motherboard has been having issues with USB power port where even though it’s plugged in and the light is on, it doesn’t charge. Switching power bricks and cables haven’t helped. It also seems to have issues with the detachable keyboard where it forgets it’s even there or ignores it all together.

Yesterday I finally ran across a deal for a machine I couldn’t pass up that met all my needs and then some (hello wishlist). Plus, it was cheaper than the quoted price to fix the Surface. How do you say no to that?

Anything you'd like to add?

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