Scribbles and storytelling mixed with LEGO building and tea.

Ryan Macayden’s dream job was to be master LEGO builder, but the dreaded writing bug bit him before he could reach that goal. Like the bite of a werewolf, once bitten by the writing bug, the victim’s life changes forever.

Now cursed to ink the corpses of trees, Ryan spends his days writing quirky poetry and fantasy stories. To fund his research for a cure, he manages websites for a major telecommunications company.

His curse isn’t without side effects. It comes inherent with a compulsion to read books, especially steampunk, and collect office supplies he doesn’t actually need.

He’s been caught on numerous occasions immersing himself in musical scores and conducting invisible orchestras. Worse yet, you can catch him quoting lines from movies and books or wielding lightsabers when the power goes out.

These side effects are eased by frequent trips to the beach, drinking abnormal amounts of tea, playing Minecraft or being arms deep in a LEGO box building worlds with something other than a pen or pencil.

If a cure is ever found, his lovely wife, their musical son and their pesky furball should be notified immediately.