It’s always time to build!

LEGO bricks have been part of my life since I was little kid and to the astonishment of my parents, they never stopped. I have so many fond memories of spending weekends with my best friend playing with our LEGO collections and building to various music in my own living room. Of course, I also remember the screams when family members accidentally stepped on a stray LEGO brick. Sorry, mom.

When I earned my first bit of money ever, LEGO bricks were the very thing I spent that money on. 30 years later, I’m still buying LEGO sets! There’s just something so relaxing about cracking open a brand-new box or attempting to construct something that only exists in my head. Who would have thought that ABS plastic could bring such contentment?

I’m always building things and keeping an eye open on sets that I need to acquire. Got suggestions? Send them my way!


As you can imagine, after 30 years, I’ve amassed quite an extensive collection. For whatever reason, my LEGO bricks are one of the few things in my life that haven’t been organized. I’m currently using the “Bin Method,” which is to say, I’m just dumping all my LEGO bricks into containers to store them. It’s become an unwieldy nightmare, especially when trying to build something out of my head.

I’ve finally decided to bite the proverbial bullet and try to organize my LEGO collection so that it’s usable again. To do that, it means I need to organize them by part type rather than the more elegant looking color method. That’s a HUGE task and one that’ll likely take a long while to complete. Even so, I’m a firm believer that where there’s LEGO, there’s a way. Wish me luck!

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