Shelved Cat

Picked up some shelving units to store my sorted LEGO bricks today. I was in the process of building the first one and of course, my cat had to test it out straight away. He likes things with height!

An Inch!

Woke up this morning unsure of what I would find outside. And, to my delight, we managed to get that inch of snow! It’s actually more like and inch and half in some places but who’s counting? Oh, yeah. Me.


The first flakes are beginning to fall. It’s too bad that it’s at night where I can’t see it. Still, what I can see is pretty. Here’s to hoping we’ll get an inch or two!

The iPhone Knows

I grabbed my keys and laptop before heading to the car. Once inside, I slapped my phone into the dock and then it flashes this message. Dang! How does my phone know where I’m going? Should I be scared? All I could do was say, “Thanks, Siri” and laugh.

Waking Up

The last few days I’ve woken up at the same time. I’ve done this in the past as well, that same time! I have no idea what makes me do it but it’s hella strange. Why then?


As my father sometimes says, “I can’t see through muddy water.” Or in this case, fur. I swear my cat likes to block my view. I’m starting to think he considers it a sport.

Cleaning Bricks

Playing with LEGO bricks is fun. Cleaning them? Not so much!

R2-D2 UCS!

After searching far and wide for this long retired set, I finally got my hands on one! It’ll go great next to BB-8. *dances* I seriously can’t believe I found one! The force was with me for sure. *dances more*

Scrivener Issues

Apparently, using Scrivener to sort my poetry and export them into docx was a mistake, one I’m having to fix as I edit my poetry. Despite inputting the formatting in the Scrivener settings, it intermittently changed the font size, line spacing, added special characters and other odds and ends that I don’t care for which…

Mini Batwing

My son discovered this little set collecting dust in my room and decided to build it. I have to say it was bigger than I was expecting it to be. He seems to like it too. That’s a good enough endorsement as far as I’m concerned.

Creating Audiobooks

I love to read. My preference is traditional paperback books but my schedule doesn’t give me much time to read that format. It does, however, give me time to listen to audiobooks. Sadly, many books aren’t in that format. I don’t let that stop me! I often will buy the ebook format and convert it…

Savannah Snow?

I’ve been watching the Savannah webcams and I can’t believe they’re getting snow! I checked out Tybee Island and there’s some snow on the ground but not like what’s happening in Savannah. Here’s a muddled view of what it looks like in Savannah. It, like many others, are getting covered by ice and snow. It…

Reading Challenge

Yay! Goodreads just sent me the email about signing up for the 2018 reading challenge. I’d already planned to do it but now it’s officially, err… on the books.

Happy New Year!

2017 has been quite a year and I think many of us are glad it’s finally behind us. Let’s hope that 2018 treats us much better! Happy New Year, everyone. May it be merry and bright.

Peopled Out

I was asked today if I was peopled out. And you know what? I really think I am. I think between all the holidays and things being super crazy at work these last six months, I’m as crispy as a Peking duck hanging in a Chinese window. I’ve dove back into my LEGO building to…

Editing Out

It feels rather nice to get out of the house and get some editing done. I really should find a way to do this more often.

Two Months?

Managed to edit 34 poems today. If I can keep this rate up, I should be done in a couple of months. Ugg. Two months.

2017 Reading List Update

That’s a wrap for my 2017 reading list! I finished To Green Angel Tower by Tad Williams last night (1083 pages). I can’t believe it took me 3 months to read that bad boy! According to Goodreads, I’ve read 18 books this year with a grand total of 7,120 pages. I think that’s pretty cool….

Star Wars TLJ

I finally got to see The Last Jedi today. It didn’t give me that same stomach lurch as the previous episode. I’m curious to see how they will deal with Fisher’s death and how they’ll wrap up the series. The movie didn’t provide any real answers though. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate…

Productive Today

Edited 27 poems this morning and wrote a new one this afternoon. Even though I said I would put my fiction on hold, I can’t help but feel the pull of it. I might have to reconsider that decision. Figures.

Index Card Wallet

I finally broke down and got myself an index card wallet. I was tempted to get the Levenger Pocket Briefcase because it looks more stylish but ended up opting for the Rite in the Rain version. I felt it was more suited to my needs. I hope it works out!

Train Ride

The ticket booth and snack stand seem to be fixtures this year among Christmas sets. But I think the train ride for kids is cute. Though they seem to be more in malls these days, mini train rides seem to still be popular among kids. As far as Christmas sets go, this was the last…

Sorting Done!

It’s taken 27 days to sort them all but I’m finally done! Including the one I wrote last night, I have a grand total of 1,621 poems to my name that I’ve written. Holy Hades! Next up, editing. That’s going to take a while!

Christmas Square

This little Christmas square was one of this year’s Christmas themed sets. It has the mailbox where kids can send letters to Santa, a snowman and of course the Christmas tree. It’s a cute little scene that makes me wonder what the Winter Village set would have been like.

Merry Christmas!

It looks like my cat was the first one to the Christmas tree this morning. I hate to tell him but that one isn’t his. I hope everyone has a great Christmas!